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Oftentimes getting ‘educated’ doesn’t mean reading a textbook or listening to a boring lecture. In my most recent ‘lessons’ they involve what I’ve learned so far since my book was published and from building my business.

First of all, I really thought more family and friends would have bought my book. Yes, I realize NOT having a social media presence obviously hurts, but I refuse to be a hypocrite—writing about ALL the negative things with social media and then relying on it to build a business. In addition to my formal and self-education, much of what I wrote about dealt with my own experiences, which often involved friends and family. As I noted in the book, the people who NEED to read—and put into ACTION—the information I included will probably never do it…oh well. You can lead a horse to water…

Second, I was hoping I would get more Amazon reviews from those who bought, and presumably read, the book. I always leave a review for the books I read and listen to. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to those of you who took the time to write a review.

Third, I ‘wanted’ to focus my blog on promoting friends endeavors, local businesses, products I truly use and believe in, and upcoming events while compassionately trying to help one million people become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. After writing about several events, local businesses, book recommendations, friends’ accomplishments, shoutouts to other self-help gurus, authors, and YouTubers, I have yet to have a SINGLE comment from those affected.

Fourth, I am more than two months behind where I wanted to be right now and getting farther and farther away. I’ve never believed in ‘time’ management, but instead in ‘me’ management…and I’m not doing so well. The learning curve is extremely long, but I prefer to do it my way (school of hard knocks).

Fifth, I cannot stand intrusive pop-up ads, etc and decided I would go the ‘affiliate’ marketing path. I am finding out the hard way how difficult it is to become an affiliate. All those YouTubers make it look it so easy…it ain’t! One reason is because the parent companies who control many of the products and services I want to promote through affiliation (ONLY ones I use) use a third party for their affiliate programs and rely heavily on a very heavy social media presence. But I’m not giving up!

Finally, I have been watching so many videos; reading numerous books; and listening to several audiobooks on why I should build my business and following by giving my book away. On one hand, I understand…give away a free signed copy of my book (my cost is less than $5) with the potential of booking a $1,000 course or training program is a tremendous ROI. However, I have spent more than $100K buying everybody else’s books AND never had one given to me…yet. I am not whining; I am just recognizing the cold hard facts and am trying to grasp the situation and develop a solution.

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