There are nearly 90,000 specific ‘self-help’ book titles in print and thousands more are printed each year. Whether this is your first self-help book, or your last, you are still looking for answers to your self-help questions. The current multi-billion-dollar self-help industry—books, courses, seminars, blogs, coaching, and YouTube videos—is obviously not helping you get the results you want or else you would not be reading this right NOW. But all of that is about to change.


In almost every instance, the self-help journey begins with a question!


As of this writing (February 2023), an Internet search for…

  • ‘how do i lose weight’ delivered 3.1B results in 0.52 seconds!
  • ‘how do i ask questions’ provided 4.7B results in 0.73 seconds!
  • ‘how do i get results’ returned 9.1B results in 0.53 seconds!


The main problem is not just the overwhelming quantity and underwhelming quality of the results Internet searches provide, but in the questions. REAL QUESTIONS – UNREAL RESULTS cuts through the BS, hype and traditional thinking to help you overcome your most challenging problems.

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